Residential recording in rural Flanders is a comfy creative hub, basking in lots of natural daylight and surrounded by a lush garden. From tranquil winter meanderings to Provence-style summer extravaganzas, it has everything to imbue your music creation journey with inspiration and good vibes.

Read on to see what we’re all about!

Great spaces

Our main recording room has ample space yet remains cosy, with tightly controlled acoustics and generous inflow of daylight.

The hall and the client lounge are equipped with tie lines, so they’re equally well suited for recording as for relaxing.

A separate booth allows you to park loud amps outside of the main rooms.

Tight mixes, slammin’ masters

Our control room is large enough to set up workflows involving lots of people and gear.

At the same time, the high ceilings, lavish acoustic treatment and the fabulous Kii Three/BXT monitoring system make for an accurate environment to create and judge mixes and masters.

Besides all the ubiquitous digital tools, we have a juicy selection of analog outboard to massage your sounds on their way to the hard drive.

Great hang, remote possibilities

Here’s some pictures of our garden, in case you’re not yet convinced of the hang.

But even if you can’t make it here, we are obviously fully set up for long distance work. From our dedicated upload space for large files to our ability to stream audio in realtime, we’re ready and happy to take on your mixing and mastering assignments from anywhere on the globe!

Want to know more?

Check out the blog, my work, the tools, a short bio, or more pics.

Or get in touch for questions about your project or our facilities!